‘The Day is Like Wide Water’ was a solo exhibition for Toronto-based artist Alicia Wright. It took place at independent Toronto art space 36 Claremont in July 2019 and showcased artworks in a variety of media such as video, textile, and sculpture.

Alicia Wright (Toronto b. 1994) is an artist whose strength lies in her ability to create intimate encounters.  Whether those encounters are privately shared between an individual viewer and a specific work or more widely experienced among strangers simultaneously engaging with an installation, Wright employs an array of processes, histories and symbols to pull us into her world of inquiry, making and participation.

Often creating pieces by hand and on a modest scale, Wright’s work draws from the familiar language of domestic objects while pushing past that familiarity by layering multiple materials and methods of construction.  Textiles contain elements of print, videos display characteristics of drawing and functional design merges with formal sculpture.  All media presented here are slippery and undefined and push the viewing audience to question their association with each individual element.  The Day is like Wide Water is an exploration of small but significant interactions: encounters that unfold among all of viewers, material, processes, and ideas.