In 2020 Ciar collaborated with fellow curators Nikos Akritidus and Rachel Kreiter to submit a collection of ten essays to online publication e-flux on the topic of studentship. These essays were collected from across the e-flux archive in a hope of re-activating them in a different way.  The collection can be read here.

This collection of essays reframes studentship as a liminal state of transformation. Students hold the grim distinction of simultaneously being the consumers, byproducts, and sine qua non of education. Why are we treated as passive bodies filling enrollment quotas when we play an active role in shaping the institution and generating social change? Our transitory position has been refracted and exacerbated by the pandemic’s effect on higher education. To be a student is to represent uncertainty, potentiality, futurity, a time to come when inequity is rectified. We want to do that work together.

In 2022, Ciar interviewed eight members of Toronto art collective ‘the plumb’ for Liminul Magazine. The interview, titled Art in Real Life, explores their beginnings, what they hope to contribute to the arts community, and their feelings on Toronto. It can be read here.